The Skinny on Casino Comps: Slot Bonus Rounds

If you’ve ever tried your luck at online slot games, you know that bonus round action can significantly affect your winnings and payout percentages. Day after day, slot machines are advancing with each model outdoing the other. Coupled with exciting bonus rounds, slots are one of the best games to play online.

Let’s consider how to choose which slot game to play, with the goal of enjoying bonus rounds and how to trigger them. We’ll also check how these bonus rounds work on mobile phones. Or, for intermediate and advanced players with an itch to pull the one-eyed bandit, spin the bonus wheel at and win real money playing online slots.

Slots for Bonus Rounds

Traditional slot machines and video slot machines are the two categories of slots that can be played. Traditional slots machines have three reels in which players match symbols to win. These are fun, but less exciting to play compared to the 5-reel games that video slot machines offer.

Video slots offer varieties to choose from ranging from free spins to second- screen bonus rounds. Advanced machines have adventures like picking a character and interacting with another character. It’s fun to play, and your skill doesn’t count here.

To trigger bonus rounds, you hit three wild symbols anywhere on the screen. Some allow players to buy their way through thereby increasing their chance of winning. Stakes have no effect here since the payouts are in spins. The payout is proportional to the stakes played when the bonus is triggered at the end of the round.

Types of Bonus Rounds

Something common with bonus rounds is the combination of free spins and multipliers. By playing a particular game to determine these numbers, you get to see your spins and winnings increasing on the main screen.

Another set of bonus rounds is determined by chance such as spinning the wheel or rolling dice. They have randomly small and mid-sized wins, unlike the mega payouts.

Watch out for the game that has some wild symbols that grow to cover a portion of the win lines area, such as three spaces on a reel. Additional wilds can increase your total payout from a future round.

You should check if the bonus round permits you to win more free spins. With wild symbols or additional winning lines in play, you will have an increased possibility of triggering another bonus round. A few exception slots don’t allow this, so it is wise to make sure you know which games have these limitations.

On Mobile Phones

Bonus rounds on mobile phones are designed to allow you download graphics and animations only when the bonus round is triggered. The average download time is about 1 minute.

Endeavor to choose games that offer you a combination of fun, interactive features, and great bonus rounds.