Smart Strategies That Help You Spend Your Bitcoins Wisely

Have you ever tried playing dice with Bitcoins? It gives you a different experience altogether. This is because; online betting with these e-currencies is based on the blockchain. It is like an online ledger that takes inputs from a number of parties. This makes the usage of Bitcoins a secure option. There will be, after all, no central authority to accept or reject transactions. It also cements the trust between the players, as well as the operators. Just as it happens with the classic dice games, the probability of winning dice games with Bitcoins heavily depends on your skill. However, some smart strategies up your sleeve would help you emerge as a seasoned player.

Trying The Martingale Process

The Martingale method is a very common strategy for gambling. The concept of this way of playing is quite simple. As a player, you have to choose a bet. If you win the games, then you will get double the amount of bet for returns. If you win the game initially, then you have the chance to go back to the original wager. In case you lose the bet, then you will have to double the amount of bet. This will help your first win to pick up a profit which is equal to your original wager. This indeed appears to be quite a simple method while playing with bitcoin dice. However, it can be an extremely risky strategy if you are not a seasoned gambler. In case your methods go wrong, then you can lose a big chunk of your bitcoins.

The Paroli Method

Most of the gamblers wagering on baccarat or roulette prefer the paroli system to the others as a foolproof strategy. However, you can try it for just about any game that features even odd bets. This included Sic Bo, craps, Pai Gow Poker and even Blackjack, provided it comes with a bit of modification. With this system, the wager would increase with every win, rather than decreasing. In fact, the wager would double after every win. However, it would reset to the original stake when you lose. This method is ideal for an inexperienced player who would look for strategies involving lower risk. Though it might not be a foolproof strategy, it can help you enjoy small, yet consistent wins.

Additional Gambling Strategies

There are certain methods unique to regular Bitcoin Dice players only. As for example, one of the most widely used methods involves betting the bankroll continuously. You can bet on 90% odds to win. Players do not stop until and unless the odds get doubled. The advantage of playing in this method is that it would not result in any fallback even if you lose the bet. There is another safer method for the newcomers in gambling. Bet 1/100th of the bankroll for about 50 times on the 1%. Doing so, you stand a better chance of taking home some profit. But if you do not win in all 50 times, then try betting the remaining 50% of the bankroll for a bet. This will result in getting your original bankroll back, in case you win.