Real life benefits of poker

Winning the stacks at the table and tournaments is one thing that will encourage you to play poker. Besides the winning and the amounts that could come with such, poker is also one of the games that will help you in life. There are useful skills like variance and money management that come with playing this game. In particular, poker is outstanding when it comes to skills development; it combines instincts, psychology calculations, and luck. In fact, research has shown that consistent poker players registered higher return on their investments (ROI) after playing poker consistently.

Find below more interesting benefits of playing poker


Playing poker consistently, you are able to learn statistics, probabilities and other calculations that are helpful in life. As a poker player, you’ll be able to learn the importance of calculating pot odds- that is the amount of money you could win compared to the much you have to risk. The knowledge on how to balance the two parameters is helpful when making optimal decisions in real life. Again, while playing, you’re always examining the probability that a player is holding a variety of hands and his helps you make a move that will block their win and give you an advantage over them.


For you to achieve your life goals, you must have sound strategies in place. As a 918kiss online poker player, you get to learn on how to be strategic in your interactions. You have to piece together information, synthesize it and make the right decision on your moves. You have to make proper utilization of mixed strategies and exploitative strategies – here you get to learn that winning involves using different approaches for every stack.  For you to succeed in life, you need to apply different approaches to finding solutions- you can’t stick to one every other time and expect better results.

Emotional maturity

Every poker player both in brick and mortar or online knows that they can either win or lose any time and therefore must be ready to handle either. You will always have emotional swings and thus you devise checks to handle such. Being able to control your emotions in case of a win or loss is crucial for success at the poker table. This is also an important life skill- life will always present you with both sides of the coin; sometimes you are lucky while others, you lose and badly so. In some field like law economics, you must be able to control your emotions especially when it comes to legal negotiations and economic analysis.

Money management

In poker, you manage a bankroll- if you mess with it, you have no chance on the tables and therefore bankroll management gives you a money management skill that you may not get elsewhere.

Playing soccer with a reputable site like agent 918kiss Malaysia gives you an opportunity to learn skills that will help you in your real life. Don’t just play for the sake of it, get the skills and apply them for a better life.